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In the name of Allah, the compassionate and the merciful

respected beneficents;

Following their lord and master, Imam Ali`s examples, The compassionate father of orphans, who, at the time of his martyrdom advised his valueable son and the followers with a loud and heavenly voice proclaiming that " Allah , Allah , about the orphans" , understand them .by this inspiration order , the Anjoman-e-Madadkari Imam-e-Zaman (p.b.u.h)* have , some forty  years ago, established an organization in Isfahan who have listed great Imam s policy and manner on providing orphan families requirements, prior to all mundane affairs at the top of their day to day affairs.

The expenditures of this holy and spontaneous popular institution are being provided by chari

table philanthropists in the form of gifts,       dedications (cash) , immolation ( vows or animals slaughtered as a sacrifice for different purposes), participation on constant pensions (monthly , trimonthly, six monthly, or annually) , allocating testamentary  disposition up to one third of the assets,  devoting estates as lifelong compromise, allocating some percent of factories (companies and producing work shops) profits, accepting orders for providing boards of condolence  and wreath of flowers (lasting flowers) for condolence gatherings, celebration, and etc.

The Anjoman has, up to now , brought under it s protection some 11,000 orphans and tried to provide the daily requirements of their lives, Treatment and education , moral and remedial cares, scholar ship up to university level, contribution on trousseau and sets of baby s cloths plus furniture and . . .

last year, this organization has supplied 469 sets of trousseaus for orphan brides , has paid the scholar ship for 2396 school students and 791 university students, has assisted them up until they have got their entire independence and has educated the youngsters, who have been exposed to thousands of dangers and social harms, to be competent and prominent people for our country.

Continuation of this charitable struggles with regard to the large and ever increasing disbursement of life, requires extensive support of Iran s respectable individuals living all over the world especially the theist  and cultured persons. There for , you respected beneficent are requested to support us in the direction of our benevolent intentions for the families being under our protection and in this manner be a company and a partner in educating and bringing up the orphan children.

Benediction of orphans be your lasting companion.

* p.b.u.h: peace be up On him  عليه السلام

Anjoman-e-Madadkari Imam-e-Zaman (p.b.u.h)

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